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Dining Alfresco

Sunday, July 14th, 2013

The Hotdog Cart Still Exists But in a World of Gourmet Delights.

Humorous Motivational Speaker Dines Alfresco

The old time carts are still on the streets.

Grabbing a gourmet meal from a truck is all the rage in cities across the country. You’re not limited to hotdogs, you can find anything you want on the streets of New York.

I use to live on pizza slices sold out of a storefront window and hotdogs from a Sabrett cart. Buy a dog, walk two blocks, buy another dog. Over the years I’ve seen the carts become more diverse and sophisticated. But now, the food truck opens up an entire world of gourmet treats.

On a cold day in February I decided to dine alfresco. What a pleasant surprise.

Links to the three trucks I visited on this day.
Hibachi Heaven I read some Yelp reviews the said the chicken was dry. The chicken I had tender and moist. The veggies were crisp and fresh. But it’s the sauce that brings these dishes to life. Yum Yum in deed. At the time of  this posting the Hibachi Heaven site is under construction check them out on Twitter @hibachiheaven

Kimchi Taco I loved this truck and everyone inside. I failed to get their names but you could tell they were enjoying themselves and their warmth was refreshing on a cold day. And the tacos? Their short rib taco was the best taco I have ever had.

Sweetery: The Guy in the cart was tight-lipped and wouldn’t tell me what the best seller way, he was protecting trade secrets. Don’t blame him, the pastries were beautiful and the toasted coconut cookie was fabulous.  It also may have something to do with Sweetery being  part of a, “full-service experimental marketing company.” Not sure what that means but it tastes good.

Post by Vinny Verelli, Humorous Motivational Speaker and Celebrity Chef

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