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Whether he performs a funny keynote or stays to emcee your entire program, Vinny is your partner before during and after the event. And with over 20 years producing shows for the special events industry, Vinny knows how to work with any team. He plays well with others.

Vinny Verelli Keynotes


Buy the Slice: Vinny’s hilarious customized keynotes

You’ve seen it: Attendees at a conference walking around in the morning, eyes glazed over from information overload, too much partying, or just plain boredom.

You can see your ROI going down the drain. Give Vinny 30 minutes and he’ll wake them up with his hilarious customized keynote and then serve them up ready to absorb your crucial message.

Vinny doesn’t have a list of topics or program titles, that’s because at your event the topic is all about you, your company, your attendees.  The hook on which to hang your content is the Bada Bing Philosophy, Vinny’s quirky approach to Negativity Management.  One maxim, Two steps and Three simple tools equals one outstanding keynote.

Sometimes all an audience needs is a slap in the face, metaphorically speaking. At a time when your audience needs a lift (first thing in the morning, after lunch, close of the day) send in Vinny to boost the energy.

Heyyyy… that worked so well, I’d like another slice. Bada Boom! Vinny’s back, for another 10-minute slice.

Still hungry? Then you might consider…

Vinny Verelli Emcee

Conference Host

Buy the Pie: Vinny as your strategic emcee

With a style unlike any other, Vinny can be your strategic emcee and event host keeping the energy level high all day.

He’ll open the meeting with his wacky motivational wisdom and customized insight into your event.

He’ll introduce and summarize general session speakers throughout the day, which serves to reinforce key points, enhances continuity and keeps your program on time.

He’ll do the heavy lifting while keeping it light. No matter the size of your event, things will come up:

  • A breakout gets moved or cancelled; send Vinny in with the announcement and a laugh
  • A “celebrity” speaker or industry expert runs short? Send Vinny in to fill time and get the audience laughing and focused on what’s happening next.
  • Nobody is asking questions of the panel? Send Vinny in to ask some questions (prepared ahead of time, or on-the-fly as needed)
  • Got a raffle or fundraiser? Send Vinny in to keep things moving, sell more tickets, get more donations – and everyone is a winner.

Whether you order up a taste or the works, Vinny never skimps on the cheese.

All the toppings for your event are important.


Video Promotion

Having a meeting? 
If you run a company you can tell your employees they must attend. 
If you run an association you can tell your members they should attend. Either way, when Vinny promotes your event he will help ignite their desire to attend.

In his unique fashion Vinny will provide a humorous video to promote your event. This is a fun way to invite attendees to this year’s conference, letting them know how important it is for them to attend. Vinny can also produce a series of funny clips that you can mail, post or tweet giving attendees up to date information and breaking news.

These videos can be provided ready to go. We provide the link you decide how to share. Vinny can also record your promo in front of a green screen allowing your production team to place Vinny anywhere you’d like.

Can’t decide? Watch these 2 short promo videos.