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Thursday, April 30th, 2015

Just when you thought we were becoming more aware of sustainable, slow and local foods, you see something like this. Grits mixed with pimento cheese, breaded then deep fried and served with a bacon flavored mayo. It’s like a parody of Southern cooking only it’s real. Bless their hearts.

Living in the mountains of Northeast Georgia our choices for “fine” dining are somewhat limited. It’s a good thing I like BBQ. Okay, that was a dumb thing to say as who doesn’t like BBQ? Even a Vegan can brush a sauce on tofu and put in on a grill, what’s not to love? I also love pizza and there are some great places for pizza as well that have full bars. That may not sound like a big deal to my urban friends but there are restaurants here that serve only beer and wine and some places that don’t serve alcohol at all. I’m not judging.

When we want breakfast, and that’s usually not before 11:00, we’ll go to the Sautee Trail. On our last couple of visits we noticed a placard on the table touting Grit Stix, “Grits that Go Beyond.” Beyond what you may ask? Beyond belief, beyond decency? They were recommended by both waitresses over several visits so we had to try them. They had a fun texture but if it were not for the “sauce” there wouldn’t been much in the way of taste.

I can be in midtown Atlanta in 90 minutes were there has always been some great places to dine. But in the last few years like any large city with an affluent culture and a trend for trends, there are some amazing places. But after a while it’s just one super eclectic dining experience after another and they start to blend into one never ending culinary event. Sushi Uchi in Alpharetta is the first place in a long time that made me take notice.

The Ahi Tower at Sushi Uchi, Alpharetta, GA

The Ahi Tower at Sushi Uchi, Alpharetta, GA

No ridiculous pricing and pretense, just great sushi prepared and presented beautifully. I’ll write s separate review and post once I’ve had a chance to dine there again. Hope it’s soon.


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