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The One Sushi

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

When you’re on the road it comes down to dining in of dining out. How bad can food be selected from a menu slipped under your door?

When searching online for a new restaurant I’ll check out the menu page first. I’m looking for things that POPs out at me. An item that I’ve never experienced prepared that way or one that makes me think, “That_sounds_amazing.” Descriptions of menu items can sometimes leave me confused. But if there are enough items that intrigue me I’ll try any place. You had me at pork belly.

So there was The Sushi One. I figured if nothing else, they would have sushi. The menu had some very intriguing sounding rolls and some apps to entice. And yes, they had Pork Belly. I was on the road.

The Sushi One is one of those places that out performs their menu description. As with all reviews I can only speak for the night I was there and what I ate that night.

Nagiri and some very special rools:
The Nagiri was scored along the entire length of the piece which made it extremely tender allowing you to bite off a small section of the fish. But I’m not one for small bites. For the 3rd time in as many Months fresh wasabi was offered. Although the textures and flavors differed slightly, they all were worth the price.

FORMOSA: Flash fried soft shell crab, crab salad cream cheese, cucumber, avocado, BBQ eel, kabayaki sauce. There’s not much else needed to say other than it was delectable.

CHANEL REPLICA: Scallop tempura along with mango inside topped with tuna and fresh scallops, garnished with scallions, red tobiko, soy chili sauce and creamy wasabi. A flavor party in your mouth.

BRAISED PORK BELLY BUN: Pork belly marinated in a soy ginger shallot marinade then braised to perfection and seared to make it crispy. Add some pickled cucumber, mustard green, grind roasted peanut on top. There is no chewing the fat here, this pork belly melts in your mouth. In case you haven’t tried PB It’s basically bacon that happily embraces its fat side.

Not like the standard gyoza or fried dumplings. The blending of a flavorful soup dumpling and a panini. A delicious beef and vegetable mixture inside thin dumpling wrappers press thin and crisp. The dish is served with a ponzu dipping sauce.

The restaurant also had a very good if somewhat expensive selection of saki. I imbibed.

If you’re near the Brookhaven area in Atlanta it is definitely worth checking out. 2523 Caldwell Rd NE #1000, Brookhaven, GA 30319 It’s off Dresdin about a ¼ of a mile from Peachtree Road.

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